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Hello Everyone!

I am glad I can finally post something... It took a while to get my email set up, then to get the email to talk to the blog and blah blah blah... But I now have some free time to catch up on what's been going on! As most of you know, I made it on board with little to no hassle. The first night was a bit rocky, and both my roommate and I were sea sick Oh my roommate's name is Elizabeth. She is Italian, and super nice. Anyway, the first night was pretty bad, but the next day was a little better. No seasickness, but a lot of boring orientation stuff. Basically, they spent 6 hours telling us not to do anything stupid. After that we had dinner, then we signed up for extra-curricular clubs. I signed up for a yoga class (haha why not?), a general fitness class, and the extended family program. That last one is basically where the Lifelong Learners (older people who joined the voyage and are taking a few classes for fun) and faculty are paired with 5-6 students, and they have 'family meals' before/after each port to talk about what we are doing, and I guess to have someone older looking out for us a bit as well. I'll let you all know when I get my new mom/dad

Today, I missed breakfast It started at 7 AM yesterday, and I thought there was NO WAY they would serve breakfast that early EVERY DAY. Well, I was wrong. So, Cameron... you remember how I was bragging that my class starts at 1 PM on the A days? Well, I have to get up super early anyway. Fantastic. The ship's resident psychologist recommended that we make a schedule for ourselves, so I'm trying to figure out how to fill these hours... while also trying to spend as little as I can in my cabin. Everyone has started doing schoolwork, so I do that and write my emails in the common areas and on deck. Mostly in the common areas... it's about 60 degrees outside (not including wind factor...), and I seem to be perpetually cold. The clouds did clear up today, so I'm hoping it might get warmer the closer we get to Hawaii. Oh yes! We get to Hawaii on Tuesday the 15th, and I am so excited! I know that on the 16th I have a field trip for my Conservation Biology class (we are going into the forest to remove any non-native invasive plants, as opposed to other non-native plants that help the ecosystem). I have no idea how my professor plans on training us as to which plants we should rip out, so wish him luck The first day, on the other hand, I have completely free! I've been researching things to do in the area, and found a couple of waterfalls and hot springs I wanted to hike to. I also need to pick up a few school supplies... so shopping is also on the list. I think that is how I am going to plan my trips in port... during the days at sea, I'm going to visit the library to research the port and see what I'd like to do there. I have signed up for some of the Semester at Sea field trips, but before I sign up for any other ones I want to make sure I can get all the stuff I want to do in as well.

One last thing... I learned something quite interesting today! We cross the international date line on January 21, which counts as a 'lost day'... I can safely say that I will never experience January 21st, 2013! Sorry Chantal... I'm skipping your birthday. I just didn't want to get you a birthday present, so I took these measures do avoid the day all together. :P Haha JK

Anyway, that should do it for now... I couldn't attach a picture of my cabin because the file was too big, but I will figure out how to do it soon :) I am not sure how often I will post, but I'll try to do it around once or twice a week while at sea... and every day I'm in port!

Love you all,


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Hi Nicole! I know you wouldn't "do anything stupid," but I'm glad they instructed everyone else to think before they act! Wendy

by Wendy Kohler

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